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Hood Clean Guys have been the exhaust system and hood cleaning service provider of choice for commercial establishments and foodservice businesses in and around Boulder, CO. Our team of expert hood cleaners has earned a reputation as a trusted restaurant kitchen cleaning company by consistently delivering superb and professional services. 


  • We offer great customer service
  • Top-notch kitchen sanitizing and disinfecting services
  • Safe and NFPA approved cleaning methods


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Commercial kitchens need to be free of dirt and bacteria to help promote a healthy and effective work environment. Food spills and grease buildup happen with a lack of routine cleaning and maintenance And they can quickly become a costly problem. Let Hood Clean Guys make your restaurant appealing just like it was on opening day!

Hood & Exhaust System Cleaning in Boulder

If your restaurant kitchen hasn’t been deep cleaned for quite some time, it may be time to hire a Boulder, CO restaurant cleaning company. Hood Clean Guys have extensive experience in:



We are a team consisting of specialists that will ensure you and your restaurant are protected from any hazards of the exhaust and hood system. The services we offer in Boulder, CO consists of a full exhaust hood cleaning and fire protection service.


Here is what we do:


  • Our cleaning crew will deep clean all accessible exhaust hood systems, including the fans and ducts. 
  • We take care of issues and notify the clients of unforeseen problems
  • We apply the best polish for the interior and exterior surfaces of the exhaust system
  • The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority


To receive more details about this kitchen cleaning service, please contact us.

Hood Filter Cleaning Boulder, CO


When it is time for your next exhaust system and hood cleaning, don’t forget about the hood filters. After the hood cleaning company is done making the exhaust hood squeaky clean, the hood filter should be rinsed as well.

Our cleaning team at Hood Clean Guys will make sure that all your expectations regarding the exhaust system and hood ranges are satisfied. We will perform the best hood cleaning practices to ensure you receive high-quality results.

See why our customers keep hiring our cleaning services. Get in touch with Hood Clean Guys now!

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Boulder, CO Restaurant Cleaning

Keeping your restaurant clean, safe, and sanitized is crucial when adhering to local regulations and the requirements of insurance companies. We can help you regain your kitchen’s cleanliness. Our property and restaurant sanitization will help protect your business and customers.


  • Keep your customers
  • Relieve your employees and customers anxiety
  • Protect your business from getting fined


Hood Clean Guys are the commercial cleaning company you can count on. We know that your kitchen is a direct reflection of your restaurant business. Your customers value safe and clean areas. That is why keeping the entire restaurant clean is so important.


Our cleaning team understands that your restaurant should be ready to serve and impress guests. We will make sure your establishment is clean from the entryway, lobby, dining area, all the way to the kitchen. We will remove the clutter, grime, and clean every part of your restaurant toward pristine condition.


Have carpeting that needs to be vacuumed? We can do that too! Our cleaning experts can properly sanitize the carpets and make them look brand new.

Rooftop Grease Containment

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Reduce your expenses in repair and replacement by eliminating the needless hassle caused by grease accumulation and leaks. We provide in-depth cleaning and maintenance for:

  • Grease containment units
  • Grease traps and filters
  • Exhaust fan hinge kits

Our services do not simply offer cleaning but also full preventive measures for keeping the grease traps free of contaminants and fire hazards. Professionalism is what Hood Clean Guys is all about.

To get more information about our grease trap cleaning services, do not hesitate to call Hood Clean Guys. 

Kitchen Appliance Cleaning in Boulder

Aside from the regularly scheduled cleaning of the hood, exhaust system, and rooftop grease, we offer deep cleaning for the kitchen appliances. Even well-maintained kitchen appliances collect dirt and grease over time. To fully clean the appliance, it must be disassembled. Each part should be thoroughly cleaned using food-safe cleaning solutions.


The kitchen appliance we often clean are:


  • Heavy-duty commercial burger grills
  • Commercial baking mixer
  • Stainless steel burners
  • Kitchen griddles and ranges
  • Four-door upright chillers
  • Commercial rice cooker and steamer
  • Heavy-duty grinder and dough roller
  • Commercial deep fryer
  • Commercial refrigeration and ice machines
  • Microwaves and coffee makers

Kitchen Appliance Cleaning in Boulder

Hood Clean Guys is a kitchen cleaning company based in Boulder, CO. We offer cleaning services with excellent outcomes. 


Not sure if Hood Clean Guys can service in your location? Just contact Hood Clean Guys and one of our expert restaurant cleaners will provide the information and next steps.


Do not let your restaurant get fined 0r be on the news for getting shut down. Call Hood Clean Guys to schedule your next restaurant and kitchen cleaning now. 

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Work With Hood Clean Guys

We can handle small and large cleaning projects. If you have tried other cleaning services, but feel like your desired results are not met, get in touch with us. At Hood Clean Guys, we take cleaning projects seriously and take pride in our kitchen cleaning solutions and methods. 


Our restaurant cleaning and sanitization services are the preferred services for many business owners in Boulder, CO. 


  • All equipment is clean and working properly
  • Our cleaning members are dedicated and passionate
  • Our employees and office personnel are trained
  • The restaurant cleaning approach we follow is proven to give the best outcome
  • At Hood Clean Guys, you will get the best deal and discuss the best cleaning services with professionals


Hood Clean Guys is a certified kitchen cleaning service provider for businesses in Boulder, CO. Most safety issues start from grease ignition. A nasty kitchen encourages accidents and fires that could quickly spread through the entire establishment. 


We are known for our professionalism and consistency in giving clients high-quality cleaning results. Our cleaning crew is reliable and works with one goal in mind; to deliver the outcome you need. 


We are eager to help you. Contact us for a free quote or get more details about our cleaning services.

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