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Professional Boulder Rooftop Grease Containment

The kitchen is your workplace and just like any other work environment, it needs to be clean of dirt and germs that promote health issues. You are doing a disservice to your customers and trusted employees by not hiring a professional restaurant cleaning company that will take care of the grease build-up and spills.


  • Grease build-up in the exhaust hood vents and ducts
  • Hood filters covered in dirt, food crumbs, and grease
  • Rooftop grease spill


These are just some of the reasons why you should immediately call for a professional kitchen cleaner. Grease may not be a concern at first, but gradually it will become a costly nuisance. 

power washing for rooftop grease containment

Effects of Rooftop Grease Contamination

Not all grease traps or rooftop grease contamination systems are the same. Some will react differently with grease spills. But one thing is for sure, their primary purpose is to prevent leaks from damaging your roof.


Grease contamination could have an adverse effect on your business. It could void the warranty of some kitchen appliances and equipment or the roof manufacturer warranty. It will also affect your business during an inspection by fire marshals or insurance companies.


Your establishment does not only have to be appealing to the customers, it should also be safe for all. Without proper maintenance to the rooftop grease containment system, the building might deteriorate easily.


  • Oil and grease on the roof is a fall hazard
  • Grease contamination creates health issues for humans and animals
  • Grease contamination promotes insect and pest infestation
  • Grease on the exhaust hood system, vents, ducts, and roof are potential fire hazards


Hood Clean Guys know how to handle rooftop grease traps and leakages. Our crew of cleaning specialists will be there to assist you and offer the best kitchen exhaust cleaning solutions.

The Goal of Our Boulder Rooftop Grease Containment Services


As your trusted restaurant and kitchen cleaning company, we are focused on delivering the best maintenance and cleaning services. Our cleaning crew in Boulder are determined to:

rooftop grease containment

Prevent roof damage and ensure your roofing warranties are protected

We want to help our customers have a safe and clean establishment. Failures on the rooftop grease traps could lead to thousands of dollars in damages, repairs, replacements, or worse, void warranties. 


Preserve the storm drains

One reason why you must always maintain the grease containment is to avoid the storm drains from getting blockages. Blockages in the sewer create costly damages like flooding and fires. 


Prevent flammable residues from causing a fire

The grease collected in the rooftop containment system is like a fuel tank that could ignite anytime. To ensure that this does not happen, a professional restaurant cleaning company with extensive knowledge and experience in rooftop grease containment must inspect and perform the necessary action. We are that cleaning company. We will help you clean overflows and prevent them from happening again.


Help make the environment free of contaminants

Grease and oil spills could reach the animals, soil, and plants if not dealt with immediately. Our team will prevent the leakages harm the environment.


If you are interested in our Boulder, CO rooftop grease containment services, do not hesitate to call us. We will be glad to provide a free estimate and full details regarding our restaurant hood cleaning services.

Why Choose Hood Clean Guys?

rooftop grease containment

The installation, cleaning, and maintenance of the rooftop grease containment should only be done by professionals or manufacturer-approved companies. There are several factors that make Hood Clean Guys ahead of the competition:

  • Experience level

All our personnel and staff have extensive experience in restaurant and kitchen cleaning. Our expert cleaners were properly trained and knowledgeable when it comes to kitchen cleaning, including rooftop grease containment.

  • Top-notch cleaning solutions

Since being in this business, we have helped numerous customers with our quality cleaning solutions. We guarantee that our cleaning solutions will meet the goals you have set.

  • The scale of cleaning work

Not all contractors can address all kinds and sizes of cleaning projects. At Hood Clean Guys, we are capable of dealing with small to big scale cleaning work. We have the important skills, proven methods, and industry-grade equipment to complete the job.


Talk with our staff and get more insights about the cleaning services we do for our Boulder, Colorado customers.

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