Restaurant Appliance Cleaning

Restaurant Appliance Cleaning in Boulder, Colorado


Looking for a Boulder restaurant appliance cleaning service? If you are a manager or an owner of a restaurant in Boulder, CO, searching for a professional kitchen appliance cleaning company, call us. Restaurant cleaning is critical to keep customers coming. Hood Clean Guys offer unparalleled commercial cleaning.


  • Fast-food chains
  • Mexican restaurants
  • Cafe
  • Buffet style restaurants
  • Cafeteria
  • Pop-up restaurants
  • Bistro or pub
  • Destination restaurants
  • Barbecue and grill


When it comes to cleaning the kitchen appliances, consider hiring the best and trusted name. Hood Clean Guys is a cleaning service company that will deliver great results. Call us for kitchen hood cleaning other commercial kitchen cleaning needs. 

finished restaurant appliance cleaning job

Boulder Restaurant Appliance Cleaning

Hood Clean Guys will make sure that your restaurant will leave a great first, second, and lasting impression not only on your customers but on the health board and fire safety inspectors too.


Our team of cleaning experts cares about your business and customers. We guarantee our kitchen cleaning solutions will deliver desirable results.

Superior Boulder Restaurant Appliance Cleaning Services

Whether your Boulder restaurant serves breakfast and lunch, or is open for twenty-four hours, having an immaculate dining area is important. Hood Clean Guys can deal with all the appliance cleaning needs that will keep your kitchen effective.

Our appliance cleaning services include:


  • Vacuuming of the area near the kitchen appliance
  • Comprehensive cleaning of the exterior surface and the insides of the appliance
  • Disinfecting of touch surfaces such as appliance handles, control panels, and countertops
  • Thorough cleaning of the floors and walls under or behind the appliance
  • Wiping of appliance parts that cannot be washed
restaurant appliance cleaning

Meeting Your Restaurant Cleaning Needs

At Hood Clean Guys, we provide professional cleaning for all types of commercial kitchen appliances. Our Boulder cleaning crew will ensure that your kitchen appliances are properly cleaned and disinfected to prevent bacteria growth and cross-contamination.

Combination burner and grill

A mix of water and soap will not remove the hardened grease on burners and grills. At Hood Clean Guys, we have the right solutions to apply and completely eliminate grease from this kitchen appliance.

Commercial chillers and freezers

A crucial part of any restaurant is the commercial chiller where the ingredients are kept. Freezers must be maintained and organized to avoid spoilage and waste that might cause health issues.


The specialists and expert cleaners at Hood Clean Guys know that dirty freezers are a hotbed for bacteria and infection. We will not skip one step that will ensure your freezer is fresh and safe to use.

Commercial multiple-layer food display

The condition of your kitchen appliances whether visible or not to the customers is essential. Heated food displays are some of the kitchen equipment that plays a critical role in the restaurant. The clean appearance of food and the food display will draw in the customers’ attention.


As a trusted restaurant cleaning company in Boulder, CO, we are proud to provide unmatched cleaning services. Our cleaning team can properly clean and maintain different types of heated food displays.

Commercial convection ovens

Kitchen ovens are a staple in foodservice businesses.  Commercial convection ovens are the preferred kitchen appliance for cooking or heating meals. And since, it is being utilized most of the time, dirt and grease buildup is inevitable. Without proper care, the food debris or crumbs will accumulate and turn into a much bigger issue.

Keeping this piece of kitchen appliance clean will help make your business successful. We can help make your commercial kitchen oven safe, clean, and will last longer. Our expert cleaning team will perform quality restaurant cleaning.

Commercial deep fryer

Another staple appliance in most restaurants and food chains in the deep fryer. Commercial deep fryers are important to any kitchen operation to create the perfect fried chicken and french fries. Because it is frequently used, the kitchen could get very messy and smoke vapor would be everywhere. 


Hiring our professional cleaning company will give you the peace of mind that your deep fryers will be completely cleaned inside and out. Whether you own a small or large commercial deep fryer, we are capable of handling this kind of appliance.


Hood Clean Guys Want To Work With You

For superior Boulder, CO restaurant cleaning services, call the professional and trusted name in the business. At Hood Clean Guys, we have skilled personnel and superior cleaning solutions.


Get in touch with Hood Clean Guys to receive a free appliance cleaning estimate, or to get full details about our kitchen equipment and appliance cleaning services.

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