Exhaust Hood Cleaning

The Cleanliness Of Your Exhaust Hood Is Our #1 Priority

A clean exhaust hood system helps make restaurants run smoothly. Hood Clean Guys have a professional cleaning team that provides exceptional kitchen cleaning services. Our cleaning crew focuses on giving the best cleaning outcome for our clients.


Knowing that every restaurant business has individual needs, Hood Clean Guys will create customized cleaning and maintenance to suit your unique needs.


Looking for an exhaust hood cleaning company near you? We are available for a daily, weekly, or monthly exhaust hood cleaning. We will be delighted to discuss the best kitchen practices and schedule the best time and date for us to come for you.


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Professional Vent Hood Cleaning in Boulder, Colorado

A nasty kitchen hood and vent is kindling for a catastrophe. Hood Clean Guys understand that every restaurant should have their kitchen and exhaust hood cleaned on a regular basis to pass the local fire prevention codes.


To follow the National Fire Protection Association, business owners must be aware of the following schedules:


  • Monthly kitchen cleaning for solid fuel and low volume cooking operations
  • Quarterly kitchen cleaning for high-intensity cooking operations
  • Semiannual kitchen cleaning for medium volume cooking operations
  • Annual kitchen cleaning for low volume cooking operations


To schedule a meeting with our professional cleaning crew in Boulder, CO, call us.

Boulder Hood Cleaning Services


A clean and safe kitchen hood can drastically reduce the likelihood of catching fire or causing health issues. As one of the primary kitchen equipment; the exhaust hood system and vent should always have the defense it requires to prevent fire hazards and other kitchen concerns.


Hood Clean Guys will ensure that your restaurant has a safe-to-use exhaust hood system. We will deep clean it to eliminate fire hazards and make it more efficient to use. Here is what we will do:

exhaust hood cleaning
  • Clean the exterior and interior of the kitchen exhaust hood
  • Apply food-safe grease removal on the exhaust systems
  • Remove dirt, grime, and grease from all accessible areas, and any part of the hood that is difficult to reach
  • Cleaning of the exhaust system vent and ductwork
  • Cleaning and maintenance of the exhaust hood fans


When To Hire Hood Clean Guys?


Not all restaurants need daily or even weekly cleaning. Commercial kitchens with low-volume cooking operations may need only annual kitchen cleaning. If you are unsure when it’s the right time to call for a professional hood cleaning company, get in touch with us. 


Our expert hood cleaners are happy to discuss your kitchen and hood cleaning needs. Call Hood Clean Guys now and we will give the details regarding our free cleaning project estimate and hood cleaning services.

Commercial Exhaust Hood Cleaning In Boulder That Suits Your Needs

exhaust hood cleaning

Reduce your expenses in repair and replacement by eliminating the needless hassle caused by grease accumulation and leaks. We provide in-depth cleaning and maintenance for:


  • Grease containment units
  • Grease traps and filters
  • Exhaust fan hinge kits

Our services do not simply offer cleaning but also full preventive measures for keeping the grease traps free of contaminants and fire hazards. Professionalism is what Hood Clean Guys is all about.

To get more information about our grease trap cleaning services, do not hesitate to call Hood Clean Guys. 

Health benefits

Grease build-up in the hood system could lead to a lot of problems and health issues. Do not try to do it yourself, we will clean the entire hood for you. We get rid of grease vapors and other residues using professional equipment.

Safety Measures

Grease is a highly flammable substance. Starting a fire while preparing food can be prevented by having a commercial kitchen hood and duct cleaning company handle the deep cleaning of the exhaust hood system. The cleaning team at Hood Clean Guys knows exactly the National Fire Protection Association codes and follows the best kitchen cleaning practices.

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