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Get the professional hood cleaning service you need in Denver, CO. 

One phone call to our restaurant kitchen cleaning company gives you access to:

  • The best commercial kitchen cleaning services.
  • Friendly restaurant sanitizing experts.
  • Top-rated hood cleaning.


Hood Clean Guys are seasoned technicians operating in and around Colorado. Our clients expect us to take the cleanliness of their kitchens to the next level. After all, we are a local restaurant cleaning company trusted by Denver customers.

The best hood cleaning services are vetted by local restaurant businesses that understand that spotlessness drives foot traffic. At Hood Clean Guys, we guarantee that all food waste, dirt, debris, and fumes are eliminated provide customized exhaust hood cleaning solutions that ensure you have the quality of kitchen that keeps the customers returning, whether you’re running a fine dining restaurant, fast-food chain, buffet, cafe, or grill restaurant.

From the moment your order is placed, our restaurant sanitizing experts will begin the assessment and planning using the information gathered on your kitchen. Once we are happy that we have created the ideal approach to conduct our service, we will be at your business on time and with cutting-edge kitchen cleaning equipment.

    Your Customers Are Searching For The Best Diner Food Restaurants In Denver


    When it feels like your exhaust hood has become a mess, Hood Clean Guys is here to help. Since the entrance, dining, and prep areas are easily within reach, bacteria and germs could be everywhere, which is why Hood Clean Guys takes all restaurant areas and equipment into account when planning the sanitization of your business.


    We are the best restaurant cleaning company in Denver, CO because we provide:


    • Improved kitchen cleaning solutions.
    • Friendly professional cleaning experts.
    • A team of seasoned hood cleaners.
    • Passion for helping Denver restaurants have a clean atmosphere.


    Hood cleaning is fun, but we understand how people feel about dirty restaurants, and we also know that not all kitchen staff can handle the challenges of a comprehensive cleaning. Our restaurant and hood cleaning services, on the other hand, will instantly grab the attention of customers.


    We specialize in :

    Exhaust hood cleaning. We will inspect inside the kitchen hoods, vents, fans, and ducts for any trapped dirt. Over time, residue and dirt pile up in the crevices and corners of the range hood, which is why we are experts in safely removing flammable grease and other cooking by-products from the exhaust hood system.


    Restaurant equipment and appliance cleaning. Say goodbye to the dirt hiding inside your kitchen appliances. We will ensure your appliances and exhaust system are sparkling clean and ready for intensive use.

    Hood filter cleaning. The kitchen hood filter is attached underneath the range hood. Sometimes the hood filters are left untouched by hood cleaning companies. With Hood Clean Guys, you can rest assured we will collect the grease from the hood filters.

    finished restaurant appliance cleaning job

    Rooftop grease containment. The rooftop grease containment system requires a lot of time and expertise to clean. We will help keep your rooftop grease containment system safe from hazards.


    Restaurant cleaning. Spraying anti-bacterial products and wiping the surfaces in your kitchen is not enough. Bacteria, germs, and there could still be lingering in places you hadn’t thought of. Hood Clean Guys use proper kitchen cleaning equipment. We can ensure your restaurant is sanitized.

    How Does Denver Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning Benefits Your Business?


    Maintaining a clean kitchen helps businesses be on top of the game and help to give your restaurant a clean and fresh atmosphere to the approval of inspectors, health boards, and customers. The best part about restaurant cleaning is that it brings results that last.


    At Hood Clean Guys, we apply tested and effective kitchen cleaning solutions to make restaurant kitchens immaculate, which will help you to provide a quality experience for old and new customers and improve the likelihood of positive reviews and returning customers.

      Get The Best Hood Cleaning in Denver, CO!


      Hood Clean Guys work on helping restaurants become more appealing to customers. We scrape dirt from the exhaust hood system, appliances, and more to make the kitchen safe for all.


      • As a local restaurant cleaning company, we work towards giving superb cleaning. We will help give an entirely new experience to your customers.
      • Our restaurant sanitizing experts provide professional insights. Our hood cleaning team can offer advice and recommendations to keep your exhaust hood safe and clean.
      • We use effective industry-grade equipment to deal with hardened food debris and thick fumes and give your restaurant the much-needed cleaning and boost.
      • Your restaurant is safe in the hands of Hood Clean Guys. Our professionals have years of appliance and exhaust hood system cleaning experience. We know what it takes to clean and maintain commercial appliances, exhaust hood systems, and more!

      Want To Schedule Your Restaurant And Hood Cleaning Denver, CO Today?


      Start taking your Denver restaurant business to the next level. Call Hood Clean Guys to receive a free restaurant and hood cleaning estimate. 


      Our restaurant sanitizing experts will inspect your kitchen range hood and devise cleaning plans. Our goal is to remove the nasty dirt and grimes in the exhaust hood and other kitchen appliances. We use proven strategies and the right kitchen cleaning products to guarantee high-quality results.


      Denver, CO businesses love us. Do not hesitate to book a free hood cleaning consultation with us. After the atmosphere of your restaurant improves, your customer ratings will increase in no time!


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