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Hood Filter Cleaning In Boulder, Colorado


The hood filter requires cleaning and maintenance for the exhaust hood system to function properly. To ensure that everything is working, our Boulder cleaning crew will handle the hood filter cleaning.


Whether the hood filter needs clean up or replacement, Hood Clean Guys can help! We have multiple restaurant and kitchen cleaning services that will protect your investment. Get in touch with Hood Clean Guys to inquire about our services and cleaning estimates.

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Regular cleaning of the hood filter is critical to lessen the chances of breaking the exhaust hood system. Hood filters are designed to remove grease and smoke before it is trapped in the vent system. Without it or if it becomes too dirty, the material would break and will become a serious hazard.

Hood filters help avoid disasters from happening. Hood Clean Guys will help you make the hood filters spotless.

Hood Filter Cleaning Service Near You

At Hood Clean Guys, we only employ highly qualified and dedicated hood cleaners who are well aware of the regulations and standards. Hood filters come in various sizes, materials, and qualities. Some of the most common hood filters are made from materials like stainless steel, aluminum, and galvanized steel.


All members of our cleaning crew have experience cleaning hood filters made with different materials. We can make hood filters shiny like brand new. Though hood filters are not always visible, keeping them clean and attractive will help the exhaust system to function accordingly.

Stainless steel hood filter

This type of hood filter is durable and should be easy to clean. However, without the right cleaning supplies or pressure washer, you won’t be able to clean the filter completely. Hood Clean Guys offer maximum convenience for our customers. We have the right cleaning tools and solutions to take care of stainless steel hood filters.

Aluminum hood filters

This is a common type of hood filter installed in many exhaust hood systems. It is a preferred hood filter since it is economical. Although the aluminum hood filter is not durable as stainless steel grease filters, they work perfectly fine. Our cleaning team in Boulder knows exactly how to clean aluminum hood filters.

Spark arrestor hood filters

Some high-end exhaust hoods come with a spark arrestor that serves as fire protection.- This hood filter feature is essential to decrease the chances of trapped food debris, fumes, and grease from setting fire in the kitchen.

Framed or frameless hood filters

In most cases, hood filters are built with visible frames. However, some are designed to not have frames to make them more attractive. This kind of hood filter should be handled delicately since the frame is much thinner and could easily break.


Each hood filter has parts that require to be disassembled and cleaned separately. As an experienced exhaust and hood filter cleaning company, we know how to correctly clean hood filters and remove anything clogging them such as grease, oil, and food crumbs.


Talk with Hood Clean Guys to learn more regarding the Boulder hood filter cleaning services we have.

Reasons To Hire Hood Clean Guys For Your Hood Filter Cleaning In Boulder, CO

hood filter cleaning

It’s very important that the kitchen hood exhaust system and its filters are maintained routinely. Dirty hood filters contribute to risks in the kitchen. Serious fire hazards, extremely smoky and unbreathable air, and excessive heat are just some of the dangers you could be facing with dirty hood filters.


Keeping the exhaust hood and hood filters thoroughly cleaned is what we do best. 


  • We will clean the hood filter using non-abrasive cleaning tools and food-safe cleaning solutions.
  • We try to avoid harsh chemicals during the entire kitchen cleaning process.
  • We do not simply put parts in the dishwasher, our cleaning crew performs quality cleaning.
  • We will do the best kitchen cleaning practices to prevent the possibility of hazards and fire disrupting your business operation.


To guarantee your hood filters are working properly, schedule a check-up and clean up with Hood Clean Guys today. Call our office and one of our staff will discuss scheduled intervals for hood filter cleaning and kitchen hood cleaning.

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